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2017 Indie Memphis award winners (Left to Right) Erik Jeung (THE BLOOD IS AT THE DOORSTEP), Aisha Raison (DANCIN IN THE BLUE MOON), Mateo Servente (WE GO ON, AN ACCIDENTAL DROWNING), Quintin Lamb (“I’m A God”), Brandon Person (DANCIN IN THE BLUE MOON), Karl Jacob (COLD NOVEMBER), Telisu (“I’m A God”), Anthony Onah (THE PRICE), Wade Gardner (MARVIN BOOKER WAS MURDERED), Kimi Takesue (95 AND 6 TO GO), Laura Jean Hocking (GOOD GRIEF), Brett Whitcomb (A LIFE IN WAVES), Melissa Sweazy (GOOD GRIEF), Lawrence E. Matthews III (“Harbor Hall”), Morgan Jon Fox (THE ONE YOU MAY NEVER FORGET) (Photo by Stephen Hildreth)