Full service media entertainment consulting


We believe that festivals are advocates for filmmakers as well as important civic events. Our mission is to help you get the word out so that filmmakers connect with the film-lovers in your community.

We can help you create a strong publicity and marketing plan with highest impact in order to deliver for film companies and filmmakers alike. Our experience extends from red carpet events, managing the most high profile talent, to making sure that press and journalists have what they need so that they can provide the coverage you need.

Special Events

FESTWORKS can help you create innovative strategies for delivering experiences and assets that sponsors and patrons want in return for their investment.

The art of balancing art and commerce is the key to a successful, stable and sustainable film festival. We will show you how to create strategic alliances and creative partnerships so that you can spend less and get more.

Festival Strategy

Managing a myriad of moving parts which have to be coordinated to work in sync with one another seamlessly is how the FESTWORKS team defines “grace under pressure.”

Let us help you take the pressure off by teaching you the tricks of how to easily manage timelines, staffing, budgeting, red carpets, hospitality, ticket sales, transportation, security and much more with the latest tools and easy setups.


We are storytellers who became advocates for filmmakers and their audiences. Our talent is knowing how to create special experiences for both. We will show you how to deliver innovative panels and interactive workshops to inspire audiences; design retrospective and classic programs that withstand the test of time; offer your highly sophisticated viewer the best of experimental and art exhibitions; extend learning through educational programs for young and old alike; and find the most innovative trends in new media and interactive content.


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