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Factory 25 is beginning a Kickstarter campaign to create a new archival print of Alexandre Rockwell’s cult classic, IN THE SOUP, the Sundance grand jury prize winner in 1992.  
Original Cinema Quad Poster of IN THE SOUP

Original Cinema Quad Poster of IN THE SOUP

Kickstarter is working with Factory 25 on the project as well as to help spread the word about the re-release of the film’s 25th Anniversary this year (first ever digital). Apparently, the only archival b&w print of the film had been damaged, but now fans of the film and the filmmaker can have a hand in restoring the damaged print and re-releasing it.
The goal is to rescue what is considered by many to be a signature independent film of the early 90s, a star-studded New York comedy, or as Kickstarter puts it, “to save it from the destructive forces of time, and help it reach a wider audience than it’s ever had the chance to before.”
A scene from the Kickstarter/Factory 25 party if this fundraising campaign succeeds.

A scene from the Kickstarter/Factory 25 party if this fundraising campaign succeeds.

Filmed In black and white, IN THE SOUP is the story of an aspiring young New York filmmaker (Steve Buscemi) in the throes of his creative struggle, his beautiful neighbor and muse (Jennifer Beals), and a lovable con man (Seymour Cassel), chasing their dreams in quintessential 1990s NYC amidst a cast of oddball characters played by Stanley Tucci, Sam Rockwell, Will Patton, Jim Jarmusch, Debi Mazar, Carol Kane, and others. 

Rockwell said, “It’s a zeitgeist film that captured a moment in New York independent filmmaking when anything was possible.”  Beals added, ” IN THE SOUP was my introduction to independent filmmaking. I love this film. It’s too beautiful to lose.”

Jennifer Beals in IN THE SOUP

Jennifer Beals in IN THE SOUP

Rewards include:
* Scan of original script with director notes
* Helvetica homage TOTE BAG
* One-of-a-kind artifacts from the film production
* 1-on-1 script workshop with Alexandre Rockwell or Alison Anders
* Skype conversations with Jennifer Beals or Sam Rockwell
* Restoration production credit on the film
* Owning your own 35mm print of IN THE SOUP
Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign: