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Amy Schumer’s TRAINWRECK is both “brutally funnyandraucously funny,” according to the New York and Los Angeles Times, respectively. The new Woody Allen appears to be a re-hash of some of his older, better films. And Marvel’s ANT-MAN is “a passable piece of drone work from the ever-expanding Marvey-Disney colony” (writes a clever A.O. Scott.)

One of the strongest reviewed films of the week, though, comes from an unexpected (by me, anyway) place – Bill Condon’s MR. HOLMES. The New York Times writes of Ian McKellen’s “gratifyingly but unsurprisingly wonderful” performance, while Kenneth Turan, writing from Los Angeles, raves: “Doing something completely different with this character…is no easy task, but the beautifully done Mr. Holmes has made it happen.”

A.O. Scott compares Joshua Oppenheimer’s THE LOOK OF SILENCE, favorably, with SHOAH, and calls it “a painful, profoundly empathetic work of moral reckoning.” (It’s opening on just a single screen in NYC.)

Kyle Patrick Alvarez dramatic re-telling of THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT (which we all remember from Psych 101, and which I will forever associate with one of the dumber Veronica Mars storylines) is getting strong reviews in the New York and L.A. papers. Neil Genzlinger, writing in the NYT, calls it “stark and riveting.”

Opening in New York, at the IFC Center, there’s a doc called STEAK (R)EVOLUTION, about a guy’s search for the world’s best steak, that sounds so boring I just barely made it through the capsule review. Good grief.  

Stephen Holden dismisses the Viola Davis/Jennifer Lopez starrer LILA & EVE, writing that it “feels like an exploitative made-for-TV quickie,” apparently unaware that it was produced by Lifetime Films. Meaning it is an exploitative made-for-TV quickie. The Los Angeles Times was kinder, deeming it “a guilty pleasure.”

The award for Best Editor’s Headline goes to the print edition of the New York Times, which tops Holden’s review of ALLELUIA with “She’s Obsessed With Him; He’s Obsessed With Feet.”