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The Last 10 Films Watched

By John Wildman

This section is meant to be a check-in for all of us to look at which films we are watching currently and where we are watching those films. This is a cool idea that I have blatantly stolen from screenwriter Matthew Wilder (DOG EAT DOG).  So I’ll start it off and invite everyone to have at it and see who is watching what…


1 NORTH DALLAS 40 (DIR: Ted Kotcheff) – VOD

2 THE LOVE WITCH (DIR: Anna Billar) – Dallas Video Fest

3 QUAKER OATHS (DIR: Louisiana Kreutz) – Dallas Video Fest

4 13th (DIR: Ava DuVernay) – Netflix

5 MASCOTS (DIR: Christopher Guest) – Netflix

6 GIRL FLU (DIR: Dorie Barton) – Tallgrass FF

7 SERVICE TO MAN (DIRS: Seth Panitch and Aaron Greer) – Tallgrass FF

8 CUT TO THE CHASE (DIR: Blayne Weaver) – Tallgrass FF

9 OLD STONE (DIR: Johnny Ma) – Tallgrass FF

10 FOLK HERO & FUNNY GUY (DIR: Jeff Grace) – Tallgrass FF