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On account of some personal stuff, the latest “Opening this weekend in New York City” will make way for a special “Opened this weekend” edition. We promise not to make a habit out of that.

On the art film side of things, the big winner critically and commercially (over $64,000 on four screens) is Sean Baker’s TANGERINE, which Manohla Dargis described – in one of the gushiest reviews of the year – as “a fast, raucously funny comedy…gritty yet gorgeous…made with ingenious skill.” She also seemed to enjoy MINIONS, but used up all her best adjectives in the earlier review.

Stephen Holden wrote positively about Film Movement’s release from Germany, STATIONS OF THE CROSS, calling it “an austere, beautifully filmed and powerfully acted” movie. In his review of BOULEVARD (which, by my count, is the fourth title billed as Robin Williams’s last on-screen performance) Holden praises the late star (“The performance is so convincing”) while dismissing the film as a whole (“it isn’t especially well directed or incisively written.”)

A.O. Scott damned the new Ryan Reynolds-Ben Kingsley starrer SELF/LESS with faint praise (“not entirely unenjoyable.”)

The sharpest knives this weekend belonged to the stringers, whose capsule reviews included such anti-pull quotes as “interminable,” “banal,” “a glorified sales pitch,” “strains credulity,” and “mostly just annoying.”