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I had a layover in rainy and cold Zurich so I was very relieved to see the sun kissed hills of the Cote d’Azur from the plane as we descended into Nice.   After the 30 minute car ride from Nice to Cannes, the first few hours are always filled with housekeeping tasks such as picking up the keys to the apartment (which is well situated on rue Freres Pradignac right next to the Grand and the Le Petit Majestic where we spend many nights into the wee hours), stopping by Monoprix to stock up on breakfast items, picking up badges (which Bob had thankfully done the day before) perusing the 4 screening schedules and then signing onto the cumbersome online ticketing system to request tickets for tomorrow’s screenings.  I ran into  a very chipper Bob and Jeanie Berney along with their son on my way between the Grand and our place.

Attending the Marche du Cannes Opening Night Majestic Beach party were Eugene and Brian from Indiewire and Richard Lorber of the newly minted Kino Lorber.